Unique Architecture: Earth Houses

Also know as the earth sheltered homes, rather than being built on the ground, these unique houses are built into the ground. Earth houses are not completely underground, though. Modern earth houses are built into natural terrain and feature windows in the roof or along the façade that faces out of the terrain.

Advantages of earth houses include:

Boise Building Profile: Judge Charles P. McCarthy House

If you look across Fort Street from the field at North Junior High School, you can see a bit of architectural history in the Judge Charles P. McCarthy House, which has been on the National Registry of Historic Places since 1979.

What is so special about this home? It was designed by someone you may have heard of: the extraordinarily influential architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The home is one of only two Frank Lloyd Wright building is Idaho, the other being the Archie Teater Studio in the small town of Bliss, Idaho.

A Brief Description of 5 Popular Residential Architectural Styles:

If you’ve ever looked at real estate ads, you’ve probably noticed many of the terms below, used by agents to give a description of the homes they are listing. However, not everyone knows what these terms are describing. So in case you aren’t privy to this architectural jargon, here is a little more information about these terms for popular residential architecture styles.

The Benefits of Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture is architecture that strives to greatly reduce the negative environmental impact that buildings have on the environment. These buildings do this by using efficient materials, energy, and development space. Sustainable architecture is conscious about preserving energy and it uses an ecological approach to building.

Unusaul Architecture: Hobbit Homes

Throughout the years there have been many unusual and unique forms of architecture that are set apart from any other form or style of architecture.

One of these unusual styles is the hobbit house.

You might be thinking, “Hey that isn’t a style of architecture! That is just what Frodo from Lord of the Rings lives in.”

Well, you would be wrong. J.R.R. Tolkien may have thought up the hobbit house for his masterpiece Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Movie but there are many people who live in a real life hobbit home.

History in Architecture: Postmodern style

There are so many different styles of architecture. There are old styles, new styles and styles that are a mixture of both old and new.

Understanding the history of certain styles of architecture allows you to see the connections between architecture of the past, architecture of the present and also architecture of the future.

One style of architecture that has influenced buildings that are being created today is postmodern architecture.

How Communication Is Integral to the Architectural Process

Effective communication is essential in many fields, but especially so in architecture. Buildings, unlike things like food, simple crafts, or even clothing, are difficult to significantly alter and are costly to renovate. When an architect creates a final building design for a construction firm, it needs to be what the building’s owner desires. Further, as the building is being built, there may be some last minute changes that need to be made. An architect needs to understand the owner’s desires well enough to make such fast alterations in a satisfactory manner.

Commissioning a Signature Home

Building a new home is usually very exciting. The process of starting from scratch means that architects are able to create custom designs to meet the client’s needs and desires. What distinguishes a new home from a signature home is the personal touch put into the planning process, resulting in a unique structure.


The Importance of Sustainable Design

It is increasingly important in the world today for sustainability to be a factor considered across a variety of fields. As the environment shows signs of damage and depletion, and as research suggests that human inventions and lifestyles are furthering this trend, many are advocating for people to use more sustainable practices. In the field of architecture, designing homes and other buildings in order to support sustainable energy usage is increasingly popular.

News About LEED V4

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) finally announced the latest version of LEED.

It will be called LEED v4. There are certain differences LEED v4 consists of.

Beth Heider, USGBC’s 2012 chair, said “if you create a really tight, energy-efficient building and fill it full of noxious materials, you’ve created the perfect gas chamber.”

So part of the LEED v4 they are requiring better knowledge of the products being used in a building and where these products came from.